Reynhard "Ghosti" du Toit

Captain / Support

Started gaming from the age of 5 and moved to consoles, in 2010 I moved to PC gaming playing my 1st online game in 2012. My DGL career started playing BF4 in 2015, when I was asked to joined KLaP Vengeance and ended up creating KLaP the Collective in 2016. I joined DDC Dissolution BF4, at the end of 2017 I made the big decision to move over to CS:GO to expand my competitive reach... and continue my dream to become a Pro Gamer My motto: "Every champion was once a contender who refused to give up - Muhammad Ali"

Erick "MVP-X" Boshoff

Co-Captain/Entry Fragger

I am a software engineer with a passion for innovative software projects that will change the IT industry forever. Currently Senior Software Engineer at Spiralsoft. I have a love for playing competitive games, Counter Strike being my favourite. I have been playing online games since 2006. My motto: "Perseverance is the key to ultimate success!"

Alex "JellyDoodle" Jelly


My name is Alex Jelly, I am 25 years old and I’ve always been big into gaming. I started off only playing console in primary school and the first couple years of high school. I used to play COD online but mostly single player games. In about 2012 I was exposed to the PC master race and online gaming. I took an instant attraction to the whole online gaming scene and have been addicted ever since then. I have always dreamed about doing something with gaming as a career, but playing at a professional or even semi-professional level would be a dream come true. I am currently playing CS:GO for DDC Disrupt as the primary AWP'er.

Hanno "RippyGG" Havenga


Played BF4 for DDC Raven, Overwatch for DDC TimeSurge. Currently playing CSGO for DDC Disrupt.

Craig "Clove" Loveland

Entry Fragger

I am 23(soon to be at least), I started playing computer before I can remember, always watched my older brother playing games like Age of Empires, Need for Speed and Power Rangers but never got the chance to actually play #youngsta so I used to wait for everyone to sleep and creep onto the PC. Needless to say, I got caught so often that eventually I was given the opportunity to play and I've never looked back. Eighteen years later and thousands of hours on a computer, I've built a love and appreciation for gaming and the community of gamers.

Dimitri "Furi0u5" Goncalves


Been a big fan of computers and gaming for most of my life, I am a software developer by day and furiously gaming at night. Extremely competitive person who won't say no to a good challenge and always looking to better myself in any way possible.

Juandré "JuandreHunter" van Dyk


I've been a Big PC gamer since i was at the age of 7 (BF2). I did not do online gaming till i was at the age of 12. From there i went wild with games and it became my dream to be a Pro Gamer in any and every game I can. I'm 18 now and I'm in DDC now my dream is slowly coming true.

Julian "Tazzy" Laubscher


Our in house video editing guru. I normally suffer from sleep deprivation from playing games all night. I never learn my lesson.

Steven "Xibit" van Eeden


I'm a document administrator. I'm a hard working individual in my cs:go life aswell as my personal life. I only strive to do my best. I do not ask what my team can donfor me but what can i do for my team. My cs goal is to be on the stage vs KennyS and kicking his ass with an amazing team supporting me.

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