VS Gaming League has started!

VS Gaming League Divisions

Team DOMINION - Overwatch

After a shaky start to the Elims, losing to the new kid on the block unIdentified, the team is on a rebuilding phase. With a new, exciting roster the team is set to get back into premier division. The team placed in 1st Division with players unable to commit and the team could not settle into their synergy.

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Team DISSOLUTION - Battlefield Series

The team has worked hard through the last year and it finally paid off. They placed in Premier Division. Congratulations! With new players added to the roster the team is set to give the big dogs a go!

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Team DISRUPT - cs:go

The new team, made up from ex-battlefield players, that want to make a name in CS:GO. These guys place 2nd Division in their first season of the league.

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